The Tonic Twistoids

Main Characters

Ed is not your typical Super-Hero. In fact, Ed was just a spacecraft janitor who happened to make a big mistake – edjumpwhich he’s now got to fix! Ed may appear puny. Silly. Woeful. But don’t rush to judgement. Although he is a small, clumsy, even spacey guy, Ed just might end up surprising you!

Ed meets a bunch of crazy friends along his way, and you will soon discover that one of Ed’s helpful tricks is his ability to transform himself into “Super Ed”. This powerful alter-ego change superedlasts for only a short while, but long enough for Super Ed to force open certain paths, bend some bars, and beat some enemies.

So, be sure you don’t miss any of the popcorn machines along Ed’s quest to save the world!

Grögh is a domineering, arrogant, authoritative, fastidious, and very crafty brute. Grögh wants to preserve everything he acquired after declaring himself Master of the Earth. Since the source of his power is the Tonic Can, Grögh will do everything he can to ensure that it is well protected.

The Doc
Essentially harmless now, the Doc was, a few years ago, quite insane.
A genius and prolific inventor, the Doc fell prey to extreme paranoia and barricaded himself in a secret laboratory. Although the Doc would now like to get out of his cave, he can’t, because he is being held prisoner by his own creation, the Robot Suitcase!
Ed must set the poor Doc free, and in return, he’ll win his undying friendship which will prove very valuable!

Suzy is the Doc’s daughter. Shallow, flirty, teasing and witty, she is bored and distressed because her fashion-conscious world has been turned upside down.
Her goal is to find the person who will restore the planet, allowing hair salons and fashion shops to re-open.

Easy-going, slow and calm, the Dino-Cow is an enormous mutant – a cross between a dog, a cow and a tyrannosaurus.
Gentle and affectionate, the Dino-Cow is a domestic animal and not at all dangerous.

Yeah, we’re wondering as well! These vain “men” are actually great big skins full of nothing…

Killer Vegetables
This is your classic case of vegetation gone mad! Victims of mutation from the dropped Tonic, the vegetables turn into Ed’s most direct and lethal enemies.



Product – The Storyline


So, What’s the STORY?
Ed, a friendly, careless alien, accidentally dropped a mysterious can of ed_thinksTonic onto Earth while attending a scientific exploration of the galaxy. Upon hitting the Earth, the Tonic can’s contents unleashed a series of bizarre mutations affecting humans, plants and animals alike!

Snow-capped mountains began to rise out of nowhere, oceans appeared and disappeared, rivers filled with sangria, and plants and animals began metamorphosing into strange and dangerous beings!


Home on his planet, Ed is ordered to repair his blunder and is sent back to Earth to retrieve the Tonic can before it provokes new disasters. But the Tonic can has fallen into the hands of a brutish, shiftless ruffian, giving him great powers. This lowlife cretin named Grögh the Hellish has declared himself Master of the Earth!

Ed will need all the help he can get to get out of this Tonic Trouble! To remedy this ecological disaster, Ed will have to explore weird worlds and accomplish perilous missions.


Ed will encounter and sometimes fight loony characters including Killer Vegetables, paranoid inventions and dangerous Hellings Guards. Ed’s tiny space capsule has just landed on Earth. Ed sees the incredible transformation that has taken place and finds that Grögh is in possession of the Tonic Can.

Each of Ed’s missions require him to find six objects hidden in a world. After procuring each full set, Ed must return to the Doc in the South Plain to get his next mission.

Oh, Ed! You’ve really done it this time!


This is THE product Info section!
Tonic Trouble… the game that will whet your appetite for excitement, cultivate your creativity, trigger your lust for adventure…

The Storyline

The Tonic Twistoids

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